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Sure. I was riding with this guy one time and the crazy kid was just driving through every red light he came to. And I was like, whoa, what are you doing man, and he was like, "it's cool man, my brother drives like this." So there we were, just driving through every drarn red light we came too. So finally we come to a green light, and the crazy kid actually stopped the car. And i was like, what in the Sam Hill are you doing!? And he was like, "my brother might be coming the other way."


The information we provide will be available in two forms:  Summary and Detail. If you're low on time, stick to the summary. If not, why not splurge on the details?


Now this will be tricky, but we'll do our best. We wouldn't want to offend any of you with, I don't know, maybe a little common sence.


This ones easy because this site ain't doing to goodly or goodish. But if it ever were to do goodly or even goodish, you have our word that we will not sellout to advertisers... at least until more than a few, say three, bucks are on the line. What do we look like, idiots? I may have been born on a farm, but i'm no dummy. You may commence your donating now.


Yeah, that sounds like a nice gold-plated BS word to send you folks off with.


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