August 12th, 2021
By Jason Watton

During the COVID-19 pandemic mask mandates have been implemented world-wide for both adults and children. Are they safe? Are they effective? Let's find out, starting with the efficacy of a facemask.


July 2020: a CDC study found that 76% of the COVID-19 patients always wore a mask prior to getting infected.


March 1 - December 31 2020: a CDC study only found between a .5% - 1.8% reduction in COVID-19 cases where mask mandates had been implemented. The numbers fall within the study's margin of error.


August 2020: The Kansas Department of Health manipulated data to hide the fact that counties in thier state which had implemented mask mandates had higher COVID-19 infections rates than those that did not.


March 2021: In a study completed by 4862 individuals a total of 42 contracted COVID-19 while wearing masks compared with 53 not wearing them―a difference of 11. From the study's own words, the difference is not statistically significant, the percentage shown of 46% reduction in cases however does expose how easy it is to lie with statistics. COVID-19 vaccine efficacy numbers are extremely guilty of this sleight of hand.


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April 2003: Back in a saner time it was well known that masks were basically snake oil. In 2003 fines were given for claiming otherwise. Protection, if it exists, is only temporary at best and wears off once the mask has been dampened by moister from the wearer's breath.

Got 58 seconds? Watch this video.


November 2020: In a retracted study by Standford University many severe health dangers were considered possible with mask wearing, including death.


Putting a mask on a person is like putting a mask on a car's tailpipe. We remove toxins through our breathing - when masked these get caught in the fabric and we end up breathing them in and out all day. Not to mention the industrial chemicals in the masks themselves, our own C02, bacteria, and the bacteria and pollution in the environment all around us.

There are also disturbing parallels between masking and losing your identity, your voice, and your sense of community. The building blocks of civilization - the comradery between men - is severely compromised with masking. You can see these effects all around you - the stitching the binds our society together is unraveling.

Not to mention that they only ever work at all when they are used properly by trained professionals. When they are not - when people constantly touch and adjust them all day long - they tend to be worse than nothing. Consider a COVID-19 infected shopper at Wal-Mart that straightens his/her mask before picking an item up off the shelf - considers it - and then returns it. That returned item is now covered with the virus - because the mask that person has been wearing over their mouth and nose is most certainly drenched with the virus - and that item will now likely infect anyone and everyone who comes in contact with it: other shoppers and Wal-Mart staff - they themselves who are also likely employing improper mask wearing. Now consider the average Joe's level of education on proper mask etiquette...

The remainder of this article will be news and study clippings presented about mask safety presented without comment.











Fear kills.


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