Examining COVID Vaccine Efficacy
September 14th, 2021
By Jason Watton

Near Nonexistant Death Rate Of Young COVID Patients September 2020
September 2020: COVID Poses Practically No Risk To Anyone Under 65 (Click Image for Full Report)

Study Shows COVID Injections Cause Myocarditis On A Large Scale January 2024
The Opposite is True for the COVID Injections, Click Image for Full Study

Excess Deaths Skyrocket Insurance 2023
Excess Deaths Skyrocket in America in 2023

COVID Vaccine Causing Havoc In Australia December 2022
December 2022: Vaccine Causing Havok in Australia (Page 4 - Click Image for Full Report)

COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report 2023 Week 14 Mass Hospitilizations For Triple Plus Injected
March 2023: Vaccine Causing Havok in Great Britain (Page 34 - Click Image for Full Report)

The BBC Now Considers Itself the Ministry of Truth

Click Image for Full Story


US Secretary Of Health Becerra Take COVID Injection Every Two Months November 2022


Rare Link Between COVID Vaccines And Neurologic Complications July 2023

!!More Deaths Among COVID Vaccinated Not A Reason To Avoid Vaccines Tampa Bay Times December 2022


Vast Increase in Deaths Correlate Directly With Vaccine Rollout - Click Image for Full Report




Click Image for Larger Version

Click Image for More Detail On Vaccine Organ Damage

Here is the smoking gun trial data Pfizer tried to hide for 55 years. Note the mass deaths adverse carnage.

Click Image for Larger Version

LA Times Those Who Die Because They Do Not Vaccinate Deserve It.png

Click Image for Full Report


80 Percent Of Serious COVID Cases Are Fully Vaccinated 02 03 2022

Double Jabbed More Likely To Be Hospitialized Than The Unvaccinated


UK Residents Are Over 100 Percent More Likely To Get COVID After Vaccination
COVID-19 Cases Occur Over 100% More Often In Vaccinated Individuals in the UK

Pfizer Vaccine Pregnancy Side Effects Abortions
After 36 pregancies went bad - 23 of which resulted in spontaneous abortions - Pfizer stopped counting.
Click Image for Full Study

Surge In Decidual Cast Shedding Since Vaccine Rollout April 2022
Click Image for Full Study

Adverse Effects Of COVID19 Vaccines And Measures To Prevent Them
Click Image for Full Study

COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket in Singapore with An 85% Vaccination Rate

MSNBC Writer Says Getting COVID Multiple Times After Vaccination Means It Is Working
Click Image for Replies

!FDA Advisor Says Do Not Get The COVID Booster If You Are Young It Is Not Worth The Risk
Click Image for Full Interview

mRNA Found In Breast Milk Despite Lies From The Establishment

Pfizer To Increase Price Of COVID Vaccine Ten Thousand Percent October 2022

Vaccine Recipient Would Gladly Be Poisoned And Die Because Of The Principle Of It

FDA Vaccines Can Be Approved Even If They Do Not Prevent Infection Or Transmission April 2023

*September 22, 2021: Correction - an earlier version of this article had a publication date for this NEJM study as December 19, 2020. This has been changed to reflect the correct publication date of September 29, 2020.

During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming vaccines were heralded by the media as being our best way out from underneath all the suffocating restrictions: lockdowns, masking, constant testing, and social distancing. The WHO even went so far as to alter their definition of 'herd immunity' to include only those that are vaccinated - excluding those who obtained natural immunity (the WHO reverted it back after public outcry).

Today vaccines have been administered to a large portion of the population - so let us examine their efficacy.


September 2021: In a move polar opposite of what the WHO did with their 'herd immunity' definition, the CDC removes the immunity clause from their definitions of both 'vaccine' and 'vaccination' for the first time ever. According to the CDC, vaccines now only "stimulate an immune response" and provide "protection" from disease. Why make such a drastic change? Let's have a look...


July 2021: CDC study shows three-fourths of people infected in a Massachusetts coronavirus outbreak were vaccinated. Not very promising after all...


February 2021: Let's go back further in time to early 2021, when the vaccine rollout was just beginning. Back then, the CEO of Pfizer said that Israel "had become the world's lab ... because they are only using our vaccine ... and they have vaccinated a very big part of their population".

So months later, let's take a peek at those 'world lab' results.


August 2021: The Daily Beast reports that COVID cases in Israel have exploded despite some of the highest levels of vaccination in the world.

August 2021: Reports emerge that the majority of the people hospitalized with COVID - 80% to 90% - have been fully vaccinated.


September 2021: Sweden bans travelers from Israel due to the extreme number of emerging COVID cases. Looks like that 'world's lab' didn't quite go as Pfizer hoped.


August 2021: CDC ironically declares that a vaccination outbreak on Cape Cod is proof that vaccinations work.


September 2021: COVID vaccination breakthrough infections skyrocket in Singapore where 80 percent of the population had been vaccinated.


March 2021: Warning signs came much earlier that the vaccine wasn't all it was cracked up to be. In March an outbreak was recorded among long-term care residents in Kelowna, British Columbia.


* September 29, 2020: But of course, the truth is they did not know from the start whether the vaccines would work or not due to the extreme time constraints placed on testing in order to get the 'jab' out the door as quickly as possible regardless of efficacy or safety.

So given everything you've just learned about these rushed, ineffective vaccines with precisely zero long term safety data, do you really think they should mandated for every man, woman, and child on the planet?





February 2021: Given all of the above, is it any wonder that the people who control the media in the video below do not want you looking too deeply into this pandemic:

Addendum December 9, 2021: ...And then The Atlantic reported this:


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