the governmental covenant

The Governmental Covenant
April 15, 2010
By Jason Watton

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Those who want to remain ignorant and free, want what never was, and will never be.
-Thomas Jefferson


Given that the government is going all in to use the scamdemic as an excuse to take full control of our lives, I think now would be a good time to revisit the actual contract we have with our government.

Here's the basic premise in the founding of the enlightenment model of the US: Rights were given to you by your creator, not by your government. Your government didn't give them to you so, they can't take them away. Furthermore the 9th amendment to the constitution makes these guarantees explicit. If any person in the government tries to take them away anyway, despite lacking any authority to do so, they are traitors to the citizens and must be treated as such.

A common misconception regarding the US government is that it is not the case that they start with total power and authority and the Constitution then subtracts from those powers. Under the Constitutional principle of Enumerated Powers and despite common wisdom, the government actually starts with zero power. Powers are then granted (Enumerated) by the constitution. This means that our natural rights such as the right to privacy or the right to free speech do not need to be explicitly granted to the populace - we have them by default. (The bill of rights is - quite literally - redundant and completely unnecessary.) What it does mean is that the government cannot violate those rights unless the ability to do so is explicitly granted by the Constitution - which in those cases it is not.

Just to be clear, our government has invalidated itself by abrogating its duties, for breaking and trampling all over every oath of office, for committing every crime we have a law for, and for subjugating us, meaning we do not have one and instead we have a bunch of criminals masquerading as our government.

For too long we've sat back, relaxed, and let the government police itself, and by doing so have given the wolves the keys to the hen house while naively expecting - in our blissful ignorance - for the chickens to be in good hands...

Those chickens have been and are being slaughtered, and the time has come for us to put those wolves in prison and to take back what is ours.

Despite what the government wants badly for you to believe, you do not serve them. They serve you.

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