The False Choice of COVID-19
October 10, 2021
By Jason Watton

Companion Article: It's Never Been About Safety

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false face for the urge to rule it.
-H.L. Mencken

Vaccine Mobius Strip
Vaccine Mobius Strip

If people had just used their common sense and not bought into the obvious lies the FDA was selling, nobody would have taken the venom injection in the first place. All one had to do was look at what they were changing to know the scamdemic was a coup of reality:

Hmmm... so this coronavirus with a 99.85% survival rate for those who catch it can only be defeated by:

The media no longer asking questions and doing journalism, and instead becoming the mouthpieces of the government

Washed up formerly rebellious artists and musicians making demands that everyone now must do whatever 'the man' tells them to do

The consolidation of state and corporate power

The strip-mining of personal liberties

The mandating of masks, social distancing, and stay at home orders

The outlawing of criticism of public health officials, big pharma, and uncensored speech

The banishing of century old drugs and treatment protocols

Nutrition, diets, and exercise are no longer a factor to health

The deification of 'the science', and the persecution of anyone debating or questioning it

The bastardization of language, altering the meanings and definitions of century old and universally understood words

The proliferation of contact tracing digging into the communications, associations, and actions of all citizens

The destruction of the world’s economy, supply chains, and work ethic

And the repeated forced injections of barely tested gene expression modifying concoctions into the arms of every person on the planet?

The hell with it, I'll put up with the virus, thanks.

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