The COVID-19 Lockdown Shakedown Breakdown
March 7, 2022
By Jason Watton


Author's Note: Allow me to begin this editorial on the COVID lockdowns by saying that this article could have easily been ten times longer than it is. This is because governments world-wide all acted in nearly identical ways to use SARSCoV-2 as a bludgeon to brutally crack down and permanently plunder the freedom of their citizens, with most going so far as to commission scientists and psychologists to justify these tyrannical measures. This article provides an example of this from Germany, but that is just one occurrence of this synchronized behavior among most governments across the globe (see SAGE in Britain, NPHET in Ireland, this list goes on).


Arguably second in scope and damage only to the PCR testing fraud, the global lockdowns which wreaked incalculable amounts of havoc on humanity were mostly the responsibility of two men: 1) Bill Gates, and 2) a charlatan known for making his living as a professional and chronically wrong fearmongerer, who goes by the name of Neil Ferguson from the 'Imperial College' in London.

Meet Mr. Ferguson
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It was Mr. Ferguson's absurd claim that without instant lockdowns, COVID-19 would immediately kill 500,000 people in the UK alone, and swamp the national health service in the processand this single prediction set the table for the global lockdowns, and everything that followed: masking, social distancing, economic destruction, mental and physical health destruction, the arrested development of millions of children, a large number of preventable suicides, and a bevy of new, rushed, and barely tested vaccines.

Here is Mr. Ferguson's record of gross scientific malfeasance prior to his disastrous COVID fatality forecast, according to the National Review:


So how was it that this obvious flimflam man - this miserable failure who made all of those outrageous documented blunders spanning multiple years of glaring incompetence and for whom the sucking deeply from the teet of taxpayer grants appears to be the sum total of his life - how was it that this was the man Bill Gates made sure was put in charge of modeling the expected death-toll of the COVID-19 pandemicif strict lock-downs were not globally imposed?

Well, given how Ferguson's goofy COVID-19 death projections empowered .govs world-wide to turn tyrannical and gleefully destroy liberty while gaining unprecented levels of power in the process, is this a question that really needs answering? As Orwell warned us decades ago in '1984': power was never merely the means to an end. Power was the end - power was the goal - and this pandemic has been nothing if not the ultimate power grab. And as Patrick Henry warned - a warning which too many in the world did not heed:


So Ferguson - with his delusional fatality numbers - basically graced Gates and his .gov puppets with the golden ticket they needed to inflict unprecedented global tyranny for a relatively mild cold virus...


To anyone paying attention to Mr. Ferguson's apocryphal career, the granting of these golden tickets appears to be the business that Neil Ferguson is actually in. Looking at his wacky record above shows that he is more than likely just giving whatever crazy death figures the .govs want for their chosen boogy-man pathogen of the day:

Click Image for Larger Version order for them to be able to justify and rubber stamp the passage of an authoritarian emergency measure, and/or trigger billion dollar sovereign contracts with the WHO in order to get their kickbacks, or for any manner of other corrupted and unsavory reasons:

While reading through following evidence I present about Ferguson's pernicious buffoonery - and the obviously planned-in-advanced global lock-downs and corresponding crimes against humanity .govs used his ludicrous models to enact and justify - you will likely notice something strikingBill Gates and Microsoft's fingerprints are all over these crimes.
Back to Gates: Using his wealth and the power it gave him, Bill put Ferguson in the driver's seat of modeling the pandemic's expected death count, and then used his control over the media to ensure Ferguson's results would be front and center on the world stage. From there, he had his lapdogs in the government pretend to take these ridiculous results seriously, and then he had them use them as the justification for the lockdowns:


Given the glaring synchronicity of all the .govs doing and saying nearly the exact same things during this time, it was clear to anyone listening that the pandemic response had to have been planned out in advance - with the media and governments practically reading from identical scripts given to them by Gates from his Event 201 pandemic wargame.


Then - once the world embraced Ferguson's dire death-toll predictions because they saw them on every news station and heard them coming out of every politician's mouth - inquisitive sorts around the world naturally wanted to see the source code for Ferguson's predictive model in order to gauge its accuracy. So Gates had his teams at Microsoft begin working frantically to get Ferguson's ridiculous modeling software polished enough to be released to the public:


But it turned out that Ferguson's source code was so atrocious that even a team of skilled engineers from the biggest software company on the planet were unable to transform it into anything that beared any resemblance to usable and viable pandemic fatality modeling software.

And once the world - now masked and locked tightly in their homes with both their private businesses and future prospects destroyed - saw how god-awful and unfit for purpose Ferguson's pandemic modeling program - the very program responsible for the lockdowns and all of their current woes - actually was, the fallout was harsh, swift, well-earned, and predictable:

Click Image for Larger Version with More Detail(Worth Reading)

But by then it was far to late to undo the damage done by Ferguson's model, nor could the revelations stop or even slow the pandemic carnage train Gates and Ferguson unleashed, from continuing its journey down the tracks of wanton destruction. And so this is where we find ourselves today: in a ruined world destroyed by Ferguson, Gates, and his fellow globalists:

The Damage Caused By the Lockdowns is Incalculable
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For those not in the know, Bill Gates rarely actually uses his "charity" Foundation for charity, and instead employs it to "invest" in news organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and NGOs. This free-flowing money grants Gates enormous leverage over these institutions. He then uses his return on those investments to lobby governments to pass public health measures that will benefit those market positions, and vice-versa:


In summary, both the global public health game and the COVID-19 "crisis" were so rigged by Gates and his Imperial College stooge Neil Ferguson, that a blind-man could see this flashing fraud from a thousand miles away. The obviousness of it all, however, did nothing to curtail the ability of Gates to get away with these horrible crimes because through his money channels he has the media, the politicians, and the research colleges in his back pocket.

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