Europe's Suicide
February 1, 2022
By fortiori

Author's Note: According to the IAEA PRIS database here, construction of a new nuclear power station takes an average of 7.5 years to build and connect to an existing grid. This is something worth keeping in mind as you read through this article.

Here is an article about Germany shutting down half of its nuclear plants amid an energy crisis:

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When a country in Europe shuts down a power plant they usually do not just take it offline, and instead deliberately reduce it to rubble so it cannot be restarted:

This means that it appears that Europe is purposefully creating an optimal environment to cull their own population.


Woke = Mind Control:

Woke Equals Mind Control Harrison Bergeron
Click Image for Harrison Bergeron PDF (Worth Reading)

The leadership of Europe has brainwashed their citizens into believing that green energy is feasible when they know full well it is not. Additionally, they've convinced their population that if they do not act by shutting these power plants down, climate change is going to kill them all.

So they're brainwashing their own countrymen to manifest conditions that will kill them, while promising them salvation for doing so.


Update April 15, 2023: The Deed is done in Germany. All nuclear plants were shut down:

Germany Shuts Down All Nuclear Plants April 2023.png

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